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Why 'detail' your new vehicle

The care and attention your vehicle will receive with a new car detail is far superior to that of which a dealer would be able to offer.

Dealers are trying to maximise the profit in your vehicle sale and many factors including part exchange price or free accessories for example will diminish the dealers profit margin. Time is money in their eyes and therefore a vehicle needs to be turned around in the fastest possible way.

Dealer vehicle protection systems costing approx. £350.00 are offered at the point of sale to aid their margins. Although the product could be of the highest quality when labour rates are in excess of £70+VAT per hour, this equates to approximately 3 hours work for the complete process.

In order to correctly prepare a new vehicles' paint with correct safe methods it can take up to 4 hours to simply complete the full decontamination process prior to any protection being applied. This time frame does not take into account any preparation of alloy wheels, exterior glass or interior fabrics. The failure to prepare the paint correctly and remove polish oils and other product residues is the main reason that dealer protection systems will fail, as the sealant does not bond to the paint and will offer no long term durability.

The following picture illustrates a brand new vehicle that had been 'valeted' and prepared by a main dealer. The vehicle was brought to us on the day of collection. The defects shown were apparent on every panel which resulted in the vehicle requiring a paint correction service.

new vehicle defects

There are many protection solutions for new vehicles please contact us to discuss.

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Deluxe Detailing - Specialist detailers based in North East England

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