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The Importance of Winter Protection

winter road

why applying paintwork protection during the winter months is so important

Most people use paintwork waxís or sealants for a number of reasons, either to enhance the look of the vehicle, make the vehicle easier to keep clean, but ultimately the most important reason is to†protect†the paintwork from the harsh environment that is subjected to our vehicles on a daily basis. During the winter months this is amplified due to the damp wet conditions for prolonged periods of time and†road salt.

road salt

The problem with road salt is that itís very corrosive and will damage any untreated areas. Most people believe that once the salt has dried on the vehicle it isnít a problem because water or moisture is the ingredient for a corrosive reaction, however moisture in the air is enough to keep the salt active. For more evidence of road salt damage do a google search. Even with a protected surface regular rinsing is recommended. Yes we need road salt for safety on our roads, but itís worth protecting your investment.

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There are various options available to protect your vehicle.

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