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Detailing after your vehicle has been to the body shop

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This was written by Mike Phillips and highlights a common problem which we can eradicate.

Often times if you have your car painted, or just a portion of it, chances are good that over the rest of the car you're going to have some overspray paint and the paint will need to be clayed to remove the overspray.

The overspray may not happen when your car is in the actual booth, it could happen before it goes into the booth or after it comes out of the paint booth.


Because body shops spray paint and it gets into the air. Paint is sprayed in the booth but also out of the booth and anytime overspray gets into the air it can drift until it lands on your car. Thus as hard as it can be to believe, a car leaving a body shop could actually need to be clayed and you can have overspray anywhere on the car that is exposed to the air. The way to check feel any surface you have concerns about and check for a textured feeling. Of course you can only clay smooth surfaces so if you have overspray on things like pebble textured black plastic trim you’ll have to find another way of removing the overspray besides detailing clay.’

Another consideration is that the finish could be left with holograms in the paint which a simple refinement would remove before resealing.

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