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How much is a 'Detail'?


This is a question we are asked on a daily basis.

Whilst we appreciate the interest in Deluxe Detailing there is not a standardised pricing structure that we operate, and one price certainly does not fit all. Whether it is an enquiry for a price to detail a customers’ pride and joy, a daily workhorse or a concourse show vehicle it is impossible to provide an accurate figure without further consultation about the customers' requirements.

The vehicle model in terms of size and colour can play a part during a consultation for a price, however the main components in calculating the price of a detail is made of many factors.

The main reasons why there can be no standardised price model:

The two main areas of detailing are ‘protection' and ‘correction.'

Protection speaks for itself; it is the protection of exterior and interior surfaces. Products used vary immensely, for example paintwork can be sealed with a wax or paintwork coating whilst both products will protect the surface, the preparation, application and cost of products varies considerably. This also applies to all external and internal surfaces including the engine bay.

Correction of paintwork is the removal of defects in the paintwork. These defects can include holograms, swirl marks and random deep scratches. Correction of paintwork defects are carried out by using abrasive materials to permanently remove the defects not using ‘filler' heavy products which ultimately mask the defects.

Considerations when deciding on the service required include: how the vehicle is going to be maintained post detail, are you a keen detailer? are you wanting a base for yourself to build on? or do you have time constraints due to other commitments that mean you would like us to take care of the whole process and would like the best durability possible? Each and every service is bespoke and taylor made to customer requirements.

Other factors that need to be taken into account when compiling a quotation are:

What is your budget? and more importantly what is the current condition of the vehicle?

The process for every vehicle includes correctly preparing the surfaces using safe methods, including fallout / tar removal and a clay process, along with the preparation of paintwork.

Paintwork is prepared by either machine polishing to correct defects, that have been created by poor wash technique, or by using a dedicated paint cleaner applied via machine to ensure correct product bonding. It is following this stage that various procedures can be implemented (which can be discussed further with a consultation if required) that include either wax, hybrid wax/sealant or specific coating to offer the protection. Other considerations to take into account are if a high quality glass sealant or alloy wheel sealant, to prevent brake dust build up or leather protection/feeding and interior uv protection from the harmful sun rays are required.

It is our aim to offer the very best value for money and to ensure that you receive the required service(s) for your needs. This is the reason a free no obligation consultation is offered.

If you would like any more help or information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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