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quick detailing spray application

What is quick detailing products and when do you use them?

Quick detailing sprays are basically a waterless wash system developed in the US to remove VERY light dust, finger prints whilst a vehicle is on display. These products add the just waxed look and or will add more protection to your chosen last stage protection product including spray sealants which are becoming even more popular. Another use would be to use as a drying aid as drying a vehicle is a area which is at risk of paint defects due to the fact there is no lubrication during this procedure. With the above in mind it is extremely important that quick detail spray or spray sealant products are used correctly as to not damage the paint.

To use correctly ensure the paint is clean then apply sparingly to either wet or dry paint. Make a single light pass with a microfibre to remove the excess, flip the microfibre and buff to remove the remainder of the product.

Remember less is more and never apply to a unclean surface.

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