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TFR (Traffic Film Remover) - The Dangers

As new-car-month is busy for car dealers and detailers alike with the surge of new vehicles hitting the roads the pressure can sometimes be on to turnaround a vehicle to meet the requirements set by the customer.

Unfortunately these pressures can lead some companies to cut corners or not check that the correct procedures have been adhered to when preparing a vehicle.

Most car dealers will use a product called TFR or traffic film remover as a prewash which can be damaging if not used in the correct mixing ratios i.e. not diluted enough. This product is used as using a snowfoam which is technically a form of TFR without harmful chemicals is more expensive and their interest is their bottom line. TFR is also communally used at hand car wash’s along with other harmful chemicals.



This has to be one of the worst cases we have seen on a new vehicle. It has only covered 100 miles which was a weekend of enjoyment for the customer before leaving with us for a Total Surface Protection Detail. The marks are where a strong solution of TFR has been used to prewash the vehicle.Please use a specialist when treating a new or used vehicle.

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