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Durability of a final stage protection product can vary due to many factors. It's all about the chemicals used it's science.

The manufactures of the wax's and sealants provide claims on the durability of their products, giving a certain number of months or years that a product will last. This figure is very similar in the way that car manufactures state MPG figures. It's a known fact that MPG figures are obtained during optimal external factors, on perfectly flat roads with no wind or adverse conditions, and it is in these conditions that the manufacturers can gain the highest figure possible to be used in their marketing and brochures. It is the same in the detailing industry.

It depends on a number of factors, for example if you use a boutique show wax on your vehicle then proceed to wash with a acidic or alkaline prewash, and a non balanced shampoo, the chances of the product failing very quickly are high.

Another factor to consider is the amount of times the vehicle is washed, as each time the protection is eroding, it is possible to use de ironised water through a pressure washer in-between a thorough two bucket wash if you require the protection to last as long as possible.

It also depends upon whether the vehicle has been correctly prepared for the protection system to form a bond. Some sealants and hybrid wax's require an alcohol wipe down similar to that of which is used in body shops before painting a vehicle.  The preparation of the paint ensures that the protection bonds directly to the paint and not to any polishing oils or fillers left behind in the preparation stage; this will inevitably make the product adhere as strongly as possible. Or if a two part system is implemented a base is used for the protection to adhere to.

If your vehicle is exposed to the elements year round or garaged, you would expect that the garaged vehicle's protection, under the same other external factors, would last longer.

The worst case we have seen when a protection system has failed due to incorrect procedures during the application process, is from a main dealer applied paintwork protection, which cost in the region of £400.

A customers had paintwork protection applied to a brand new vehicle that showed signs of failing on the third wash (six weeks) and only lasted a few more weeks after that. The dealer didn't follow any preparation stage and applied the product onto the pre delivery inspection polish.

Any specific questions on maintenance please contact us.

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