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Interior Detail

Interior's in modern vehicles are complex with electronic components housed within dashboards, seats and other areas such as kick wells door trims etc. Not to mention the vast array of materials used to trim these areas which include plastic, leather, alcantara, fabric, wood, metal, carbon fibre and vinyl.

Classic vehicles can be even more fragile due to the age of the materials and how they have deteriorated through the years because of how they have been maintained.

As with all detailing related situations prevention is better than cure.

For fabric and alcantara areas once cleaned we recommend a fabric sealant this will prevent further staining from liquid spillage and will make future cleaning much easier.

Sealants have also been developed for leather which prevent dye transfer from jeans, pens etc and is the ultimate way to care for your delicate leather areas. As a minimum with leather should either be fed correctly if a older or classic vehicle or cleaned and treated with a uv barrier water based product to stop the leather drying and kept supple on modern vehicles.

All vinyl areas of the vehicles interior to be treated in the same manner as leather especially the dashboards. Silicone based products are not recommended as these will leave a shiny finish and produce glare or reflections in dusk or darker light driving situations. A water based product will help produce a matt or satin finish and prevent any damage from the sun.

Wood and carbon fibre are clear coated in the same manner as paint is. These products can be protected very simply by using a spray wax or sealant. Whilst with metal whether it be brushed aluminium or stainless there are various car oils or sealants also available.

Remember that dirt and grit rubbing against any material will cause wear over time including the vehicles carpets.

If you would like any more information on the topic of interiors or to book a appointment for one of the many interior sealants available please don't hesitate to contact us.

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