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Bird Droppings


Lately we have noticed the amount of bird droppings on vehicles, these can be extremely detrimental to the clear coat (lacquer) of your vehicle due to the fact of how acidic bird droppings are. It is highly recommended to remove them at the first opportunity.

Here is a photo of the different stages of damage caused by bird droppings. Photos A & B show staining to the clear coat, these stains can be removed by either wet sanding or by machine polishing both procedures require time and correct techniques to rectify. Photos C & D are beyond repair via a detailer and require a body shop to correct as the clear coat has failed.

bird etching

Prevention is better than cure.

Make sure your vehicle is protected this will provide a additional layer which will need to be penetrated before the clear coat is affected.

Remove the bird droppings as soon as possible.

The best way to do this is to use hot water especially if the paintwork or glass is protected. If you don't have access to hot water use a baby wipe, this can be placed over the bird dropping allowing the moisture to soften it, repeat if necessary. Then lift from the paint DO NOT WIPE as this will certainly scratch or damage the area. This is a simple solution that costs pence and can be kept in the glove box.

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