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Paintwork Coating Maintenance

If you have opted or applied a paintwork coating system to your vehicle it is still paramount that the vehicle is cared for correctly.

This includes following a safe wash technique using a shampoo which has no gloss enhancers or wax. Typically following a ‘system’ same branded products is the most effective way to ensure the best aftercare.

The importance of drying your vehicle to reduce mineral deposits or water spotting is very important although there are products available to combat this situation preventing it in the first place is the best solution. Using filtered water will give you the best results.

Removal of tar and other bonded contaminants from the vehicle at or around six monthly intervals is recommended not only by ourselves but by manufactures alike, this is to establish if the coating still has the protection properties and is contaminant free. This interval is also a perfect opportunity to top up with a spray sealant to prolong the life of the coating.  This service can be carried out in around three to four hours.

Although coatings are by far the best solution for protection and durability prolonging there life by not using harmful chemicals and following the correct maintenance regime will ensure the best value for money once applied.

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